Friday, November 28, 2008

Welcome to the Big Bend Mammography Coalition Website

Our goal is to provide mammograms and breast cancer education for the women of Big Bend and the Trans Pecos. Be sure to check back for updates! Please tell your friends about our website! In 2007, Adrian Billings, M.D. and Adrienne Evans, L.Ac., along with other health practitioners, breast cancer survivors, and friends and family of survivors, formed a local coalition to band together to promote breast cancer awareness and get breast screening for everyone who needs it in our area.

Any feedback or contributions to this website in terms of original articles or blogs about screening for breast cancer would be appreciated! We appreciate all your ideas and support in finding a way to promote mammography for the Big Bend. Please send a message to Adrienne Evans at

We will be posting our progress towards the goal of providing mammography for the Big Bend here regularly. Check back often!